Vegas Season 1 Review “Soundrels”

A few thoughts about "Soundrels": Vince never seems to be able to have a stress-free day at The Savoy. Lena called him to one of the suites in a panic because the guy she was supposed to meet was dead when she got to his room. With the Feds crawling all over the place, Vince didn’t want any more attention on The Savoy, so he decided they would investigate the case in house. They were on a timeclock though because the deceased had stolen an heirloom watch from one of the other high rollers. He threatened to leave The Savoy and badmouth it if Vince didn’t find his watch. Vince, Mia, Lena, and the Two Stooges located the dead guy’s partner and the watch. Vince’s troubles/investigation pretty much took a backseat to Dixon’s problems though. READ MORE...


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