Grimm Season 2 Review “Endangered”

What a disappointment. I was hoping that Grimm was going to start its new Tuesday night spot with a fun, fast paced episode that could bring in new viewers. Instead, we got a joyless, clunky episode with a pedestrian Wesen story, practically no action, and mythology nuggets awkwardly inserted. Not to mention the latest Juliette searching through her memories snoozer. Why Grimm? Why?! The main Wesen this week was an alien looking creature called a Glühenvolk that glowed blue and needed to eat cow ovaries for its unborn baby. Yes, cow ovaries. At one point, we see the Glühenvolk running through a field, and it looks like something out of one of the SyFy paranormal or Bigfoot tracking shows. The Glühenvolk is pursued by a hawk-like Wesen species called Raub-Kondor who wants to kill them and sell their skins. When the Glühenvolk accidentally kills a human, Nick and Wu open an investigation. Nick discovers the real identity of the accidental killer and ropes Monroe and Rosalee into helping him track him down. The final scene should have been an exciting struggle between the hunter and Team Grimm, but it wasn’t. After a tense moment, Monroe pounces on the Raub-Kondor and the fight is over in about three seconds. It would’ve been far more entertaining to draw it out more and maybe let Nick get in a few of his super power moves. READ MORE...


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