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Top 10 Favorite Movie Bromances - Featured

Who doesn't love a good bromance? Whether it's homo-erotic overtones or just a friendship with a lot of love and respect for the other, bromances are a special kind of romance. Normally they're shared between a male and another male, both of whom are straight and play for the right team. We here at Atomic Popcorn (well, mainly me) have decided to take a look at the Top Eleven Bromances in cinema:

11. Point Break - FBI Special Agent Johnny Utah and Bodhi

10. Superbad - Evan and Seth

9. Hot Fuzz - Nicholas Angel and Danny Butterman

8. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Kirk and Spock

7. The Lord of the Rings - Sam and Frodo

6. Clerks - Dante and Randal

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| 09:31 EDT, 15 Apr, 2009
what about Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley
| 03:59 EDT, 10 Apr, 2009
its in the original as well.
| 00:22 EDT, 10 Apr, 2009
Saw 'the right team' bit as well and jumped the gun... hoping that's a bit of a misstep rather than implying what I think it implies. Do clarify and/or edit immediately.
| 23:11 EDT, 09 Apr, 2009
i was wondering that myself..."the right team" ? I hope that doesn't mean what i think it does...
| 06:45 EDT, 09 Apr, 2009
What do you mean, the right team?
| 13:16 EDT, 08 Apr, 2009
Excellent list! I love your comments about Top Gun! I think from this list my favs are Superbad's Seth and Evan who are just way too hilarious, and LOTR's Frodo and Sam though they did get a little overdramatic from time to time... I guess that comes with the adventurous saving the world territory!

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