NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 Review “Raven & The Swans” – Callen Discovers More of Hetty’s Secrets

In this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, called "Raven & The Swans," the team helps a fellow agent whose cover was blown and Callen discovers more about Hetty’s past, and his own as well. I really loved all of the stuff that we got from Hetty and Callen in this episode. That scene where they both lost their tempers at each other was fantastic and beautifully played by both actors. Callen discovers that Hetty has mentored a lot more orphans than just himself and the others that he’d already known about. The only thing that struck me during all of those scenes between them was the fact that I felt like none of it was a surprise to me. I swear I felt like this was all information that we had already learned, but I think that’s probably just because I had figured all of this out on my own. READ MORE...


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