The Tahlia Problem

Or, rather, the Celia problem. Because that's what really concerned me.

In this week's episode, Tahlia was the center of the major drama. She entered auditions as a pretty girl with a compelling, sympathetic, inspiring story, no modeling skill or experience, a rather un-model-like build, and a timid personality. Five weeks in, she continues to be timid, her story has fallen almost completely by the wayside, she still fails catastrophically in challenges BUT she's managed to take good pictures two weeks in a row.

Tahlia keeps swinging back and forth between I Really Do Not Want To Be Here and Oh, Maybe I Can Keep Hanging On. This dilemma was a prime topic of discussion for the other girls in the house, among whom the prevailing opinion seemed to be that if Tahlia was ready to say she didn't want to be there, then she should go and give a truly driven competitor a shot.

And it was that opinion that drove Celia to speak up at panel right before Kortnie left the competition. Unfortunately for both of them, the speech did not sway Tyra. Instead, she all but chastised Celia for speaking up like she did and had her step back in line with tears on her face.

I don't know where I stand on the Tahlia issue, but I am very anxious about how this will all play out for Celia. As far as I'm concerned, she did the right thing in expressing her opinion even when it was not necessarily going to be effective or well received - and it wasn't. What I would hate to see is for that to work against her in the eyes of Tyra and the other judges. I'm sure there will be repercussions with the other girls, but, what else is new? If Celia, who I feel is one of the most talented of the bunch, ends up leaving because of an issue completely unrelated to her capabilities, I will not be pleased.




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Mar 26, 2009 11:27AM EDT

As an ANTM Obsessed fan, I would say Celia has pretty much shot herself in the foot. Based on the history of the show, once a compeditor starts getting involved in other's business she starts to decline in front of the Judges. But, I don't think anyone has ever been so outspoken in any cycle as Celia was last night. I think she will be on her way out, OR she will overcome, take Tyra's putting her in her place, and be the next winner. Personally, I think she looks like man and I don't really care for her pictures. She's so odd looking - and not in a good way.
I think the WRONG girl went home. It should have been Sandra. Kortnie had more potential than they were giving her credit for, heck even Nigel totally backed her. Sandra is really just resting on her genes and has been very controversial since the beginning.
and I don't think Taliah will make it much longer. Next week looks to be all about the drama that Celia's actions at panel bring on. I can't wait!

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Mar 27, 2009 3:35PM EDT

Taliah is sooo freakin annoyin. She is not supposed to be there and though i sympathize, the only reason she's on the show is cuz of her burns. Tyra did not want 2 b seen turning a burn victim away.. PR!!
She's not a skinny or plus size model....why is she there???
it sooo frustrating, especially when the cry baby doesn't even want 2 b there!!
Celia is gonna have 2 step her game up and give solid pictures next week or Tyra is gonna attack her "personality".
I love this show but its becoming a little to commercial and predictable for me. I wish Tyra cud go back to the way things were. Now its all about having the token weirdo.. allison.the token bitch... Sandra. the token sympathetic person.. Taliah. even the judging is becoming predictable!!
We need some of the originality of before!!

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Mar 27, 2009 9:00PM EDT

While Tahlia's moaning is getting a little annoying, I can totally sympathize with her on a certain level. Any competition that's based on looks is going to be challenging for the confidence of even the most gorgeous of girls (Sandra excluded apparently.) I think she wants to be there, but has justifiable worries about whether it's worth compromising her own mental well being. If she really, truly wanted to go home she would have gone.
Other girls in previous cycles have expressed serious want to drop out and still continued on, like Renee in cycle 8 who actually called her husband and asked to be picked up. The only reason it's been made a big deal of this time is because Celia spoke her feelings about it.
While I respect Celia to a certain extent for speaking her mind, I agree with Tyra that she shouldn't have said anything before Tahlia made her feelings known to her or the producers. Tahlia was feeling down and home sick and was probably just venting.I can completely understand.

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Apr 15, 2009 5:41PM EDT

Honestly i think that it wasn't Celias' place to go and step up like that...As a model , she should set an example of loyalty to all of us teen girls and what she did was pretty snobby. I meen Tyra Banks knows what she is doing.She ain't gunna change her opinion because of some amateur.Over all i think she made the right direction .. and i think Celia should watch out, drama is heading her way ...

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