Flash Forward 1.5: "Gimme Some Truth" Review - Featured

At the end of last week's FlashForward episode we got a nice little teaser featuring Dominic Monaghan's character, known only as Simon, on the phone with Jack (the man Olivia Benford supposedly cheats with in her flash forward), claiming to have had caused the worldwide blackouts. Feel's a lot like another show I used to watch...

This week's episode, Gimme Some Truth, begins with Benford walking through a parking garage somewhere; presumably where the agents took a trip for their investigation as he begins to tell someone there is good news as he climbs into a sedan with the other agents. Before we can hear what the good news is, however, their car is struck by a speeding vehicle while still inside the garage. Suited men with automatic weapons climb out of another vehicle across from the accident and one fires a rocket into the agents' car. Rewind two weeks.

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Oct 26, 2009 4:03PM EDT

All the rewinding is getting me irritated. I couldn't stand it in Damages and I can't stand it here.

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