Big Brother 10 - Episode 5 - Recap

Tonight was veto night.

Jessie, Steven, Dan, Michelle, Libra, Keesha compete in pov, Jerry hosts!

The veto competition was "license to veto!" The game was unscrambling vanity license plates that are the answers to big brother related questions. Dan threw the competition on the very first question. A bold move, but his strategy was to look like a weak player. Jessie also was eliminated on the first question, leaving keesha to pick up the first points. Steven was eliminated on the second question, which was answered correctly by michelle. Steven played keesha from the bench to encourage her to win veto for him. The third question was for a slop pass, if you won it, you were out of the run for veto. Michelle tried to get keesha to take the slop pass by naming off foods why the timer ran down, nobody got the slop pass, nobody was eliminated. Libra was eliminated on question 4, then keesha shortly after. Michelle won pov ending keesha's shot at removing steven from the block.


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