Smash Recap: The Sacrificial Goblinweed

After a cliffhanger like the one we ended on last time, I’m sure you’ve been chewing your own skin off (under a bridge, until you hit bone) wondering what’s going to happen this week! And by that I mean, did Karen finally sleep with Derek or what? A love triangle this sizzling, it’s been killing you, right? Right?

Well, the answer is, we still don’t know! An entire week may have passed in Earth time (a week in which I, mysteriously, became a whole year older), but this is but the blink of an eye to the people of Smash, for whom it is still night as it was when we last saw them, thanks to Mr. Forsythe and the miracle of Brigadoon (if that’s too archaic a reference for you, you’d better go and see Mr. Lundie the schoolteacher. He’ll explain it very slowly, so you understand.) We see them on the couch in Karen’s apartment, and they make out and start asking each other things like “Do you really want to do this?” Will Derek at last be granted full reign to explore the empty and pristine Dixie cup that her Inventor Donny Osmond intended to serve temporarily as her genitals but then died of a heart attack in his hilltop Gothic mansion before he could replace it? I guess the cutaway shot is our answer? How very Ernst Lubitsch of them!



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