"Truth or Consequences"

This was an unexpectedly phenomenal episode. At the very beginning it seemed like the high point was going to be the incredible serendipity of airing an episode about statutory rape right after all that Roman Polanski craziness came to light. That was plenty excellent all on its own. And things just got better. Lightman's (intertwined masterfully with his personal life) and Foster's wrangling with a religious cult both managed to branch out from their provocative topics to address almost ever imagineable related element and dilemma. And all of it came off so genuine, from the threat of racism to the uglier complexities of a father/teen daughter relationship to the contention between upholding personal beliefs and carrying out professional obligations.

The only part of the episode I wasn't satisfied with by the end was that Foster did approximately the same thing Loker got demoted for that was SUCH A BIG DEAL (namely, acting according to personal beliefs that contradicted her professional duty and, as a result, jeopardizing the integrity of the Lightman Group), but there was absolutely no recognition of the similarity between those two events. Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive because I go gooey for Brendan Hines' puppy eyes, but that seems like a rather egregious oversight that had damn well better be addressed soon.

Final comment on Lie to Me, some cyber-applause for some damn fine guest work by John Carroll Lynch, James Marsters, and John Pyper-Ferguson.

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