'Revenge' shockers: Who dies, who gets arrested and who is pregnant in 'Engagement'?

Before the "Engagement" episode of "Revenge" came to an end, viewers got not one, not two, but three huge shocks. Thanks to Aiden and Takeda facing their differences and thanks to Charlotte's bad behavior, we got to see an arrest, a murder and a pregnancy within only a few minutes.Oh, and then all of the electricity in New York state went out because of Nolan's "Carrion" program and the Initiative.Life is very complicated on "Revenge," isn't it?The crazy started on "Engagement" in a rather typical fashion when Charlotte (Christa Allen) got herself arrested for public drunkenness. Considering her recent, acting-out behavior, this was really only a matter of time.We got a slightly bigger surprise after Daniel (Josh Bowman) bailed Charlotte out of jail. When asking his sister why she was being so thoroughly self-destruction, Daniel received a bit of a bombshell: Charlotte is pregnant.Is Declan (Connor Paolo) the father? Let's just hope the answer...



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