How I Met Your Mother Season 5, Episode 15: 'Rabbit or Duck' Recap - Featured

Barney Stinson is the epitome of awesome. What he does on a regular basis is never short of outlandish, ridiculous, and purely hedonistic. Because of this, America loves him. It should be no surprise that Neil Patrick Harris starring as Barney Stinson in a commercial bumper at Super Bowl XLIV seemed perfectly appropriate. Unlike Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory supposedly hacking into CBS's telefeed, Barney Stinson appearing at the Super Bowl was totally plausible, totally within character, and totally entertaining. It didn't even seem like an advertisement; they didn't even mention How I Met Your Mother by name. To anyone unfamiliar with Barney or his show, it was simply a football loving Don Juan aping for the camera.

For the benefit of anyone who missed Barney's appearance at the Super Bowl due to an emergency bathroom break, Mr. Stinson was among the throng of in-house football fans. The only suit among a mass of Colts and Saints t-shirts and jerseys, Barney hoisted a sign for CBS: Call Barney Stinson. Below, a ten-digit phone number. The announcers, in on the joke, inquired "Do you think that's his real phone number?" Considering I've never seen a ten-digit personal phone number beginning with one, the answer should quite obviously be"no".

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Jun 1, 2016 5:13PM EDT

The number Barney held up is 1-917-555-0197 and while I have no doubt it's a fake number (at the very least one they thought was fake) it does have the correct amount of numbers. The 1 is for calling long distance followed by the area code, in this case 917. After that I'm sure you can tell that its a normal phone number in the 3 digit- 4 digit format. If Barney was really trying to advertise himself at the super bowl he would have to put the 1 and the area code or people from outside NY couldn't reach him. I really loved this episode. I bet a lot of people are calling that number for fun.

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Feb 14, 2010 7:21PM EST

I live in Canada. ... any long distance call to anyone inside Canada needs a 1 in front of it for us. I'm not sure if that's just us though.. my point is: I dial 10 digit numbers beginning with a 1 every day. Maybe Barney picked up a cellphone plan while he was rescuing Robin from Toronto. Stranger things have happened. .. like Barney commenting on how "good" Tim Horton's coffee is. (it's not very good at all)

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