'The Mentalist' Season 5 finale - 'Red John's Rules': Then there were seven

Patrick Jane tells Lisbon in the season finale of "The Mentalist" that he's going to tell her the seven suspects he thinks could be Red John.And so he does -- or rather, he confirms it. In a jaw-dropper of a final scene, he's beaten to the punch. The twist is so well-executed that it almost renders the actual names secondary.Enough with the vagaries: Red John's latest killing is designed specifically to draw Jane in. The victim leads him and Lisbon back to a mobile home park that's also a regular carny layover, and where Jane spent a lot of time when he was young.The woman, it turns out, was also someone Jane knew as a boy, someone he has a particular fond memory of from a Fourth of July picnic a long time ago. Jane and Lisbon discuss how her death is like Red John reached into Jane's head and stole a fond memory from...



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