The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Review “She’s Come Undone”

The Vampire Diaries has spent pretty much the entirety of season 4 trying to find a way to make Elena human again. While the quest to turn her physically into a human is still well underway, ‘She’s Come Undone’ saw Elena finally flip her humanity switch and start acting like the old Elena again. Your opinions on this may vary. It was achieved through quite dubious means. First Damon did his mind voodoo, then he and Stefan tortured her with sunlight, and when Elena realised they would never really hurt her, and so as long as she withstood the pain everything would be alright, they brought in Katherine to do the job for them. This failed too, and so Damon pulled one of the best twists of season 4 so far: he made us all think he had killed Matt, our beloved one true human, and when Elena freaked out and flipped her switched, revealed that Matt was wearing Jeremy’s old ressurection ring. Awesome. READ MORE...


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