Scandal Season 2 Review “A Woman Scorned”

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Especially if that woman is a conniving, cold-hearted, manipulative, ambitious woman like Mellie Grant. This episode of Scandal played out a bit differently than I thought it would, but it was still a good hour of television. It’s really a fantastic feeling to tune in to a show every week not knowing how things will play out. A few thoughts about "A Woman Scorned": The action this week picked up pretty much right where last week left off. Olivia was released from the hospital and Fitz ordered Jake to stand guard at her apartment because he still feels like Olivia is in danger. He’s not wrong. Huck identified Charlie as the man in the hat on the video from the storage locker. It was rather amusing that he identified Charlie solely by his ear, but that’s Huck for you. That also means that Charlie is the one who went to Olivia’s apartment to kill her that night. Olivia and Co. discovered that Cyrus had been calling Charlie and awful lot, and they quickly deduced that Cyrus was using Charlie as his own personal hitman. Based upon further investigation, the team began to believe that Cyrus was the mole. READ MORE...


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