Veep Season 2 Review “The Vic Allen Dinner”

If there’s one thing this week’s episode of Veep proved, it’s that the show is a bit lost without a central narrative driving things forward. As the fourth episode of the season, "The Vic Allen Dinner" lacked focus, with several brief plot points failing to coalesce into a solid whole. Veep has fallen back on several go-to jokes this season, but none have grown as tired as Mike’s ineptitude at his job. In fairness, the bad photo of Selina wasn’t his fault, but his failure to do anything to bolster her image the rest of the episode didn’t help. Last season it was clear that even when there were screw-ups, he knew what he was doing. This year, it’s hard not to wonder why he isn’t on the chopping block. Even the tag for the episode managed to further his incompetence. READ MORE...


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