Game of Thrones Season 3 Review “The Climb”

Despite the amount of time Game of Thrones spends with characters on the fringe like Jon Snow, Ygritte, Sam, Arya, etc., tonight’s episode hammered home the series’ most crucial point: All people are merely pawns for those in power to play with as they like. More so than any other episode this season, this hour affirmed that point. The embodiment of this idea is the scene between Olenna Tyrell and Tywin Lannister. Though neither of them hold the top titles, they’re arguably the two most powerful people in the realm at the moment. The way they casually discussed the lives of their children and angled for the upper hand proved that real power is thrown around in sequestered rooms, not battlefields. Robb Stark can have all the Casterly Rocks he wants, but if he’s not sitting in that room, what does it mean? You can be the most beautiful incesterer in all the seven kingdoms, or the most valiant sword swallower. It doesn’t matter if you don’t sit at that table. READ MORE...


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