Continuum Season 2 Review “Second Thoughts”

After the rip-roaring action of Continuum’s first two episodes, ‘Second Thoughts’ takes a step back and makes time for some more nuggets of information and quite sizable reveals. Alec is at the center of Keira’s case in the episode as he’s involved in an accident causes by a new recreational drug, Flash. According to Keira the drug, which allows the user to relive memories, shouldn’t be created for decades and so suspects Liber8 are involved somehow. She has a personal connection to the drug, seen in flashbacks where her sister is hooked on it. There seems to have been some family problems in the past since, in her altered state, Hannah jumped off of a roof lamenting how much prouder their father was of Keira. You can understand, then, that she’s more than a little concerned by Alec’s involvement, and she isn’t made any happier by Kellogg’s new interest in his life. There’s no doubt he’s on a dangerous path, but the desire to recover memories of his biological father clouds his judgement. READ MORE...


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