Defiance Season 1 Review “A Well-Respected Man”

Ask and you shall receive! In last week’s review of "Defiance," I lamented the fact that the writers had seemingly let certain story-lines fall by the wayside last week, but it turned out that I should have been a little more patient, as they did eventually work their way around to it in this week’s episode, "A Well-Respected Man." Color me impressed. Right off the bat, one such plot point was dealt with, when Nolan came down hard on some Castithans that were apparently smuggling guns and the like. Convinced that they were doing so on Datak’s behalf, he busted them and confiscated their stuff, and let them know that their money would be going towards funding Nolan’s take-down of the man himself, referencing the business with his leaving the dead guy at Nolan’s doorstep a few weeks ago. READ MORE...


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