'Hart of Dixie' Season 2 finale ends with Wade and Zoe [spoiler]

"Hart of Dixie" closed out its second season tonight -- and while the season had its ups and downs for us, we're obviously thrilled that the feel-good dramedy has alredy been picked up for Season 3. Zoe began the season finale with a whole lot of romantic options... and by the time the episode ended, it seemed she still hadn't quite made up her mind. A rendezvous with her ex Wade proved to be the bad idea we all knew it was but were hoping it wouldn't be, particularly when their morning together was interrupted by George walking in to declare, well ... something.George was pretty conflicted about his feelings for Zoe; over the course of the episode he went from wanting to be with her, to encouraging her to get back together with Wade, to drinking all Zoe-related issues away at the Rammer Jammer, to... singing the blues. (On any other show, this might...



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