The Ruins Movie Review

Why aren't you looking at me?

The freaky reality (yes I know its not all real) of this movie really surprised me. I actually jumped once or twice in my seat last night. As with most horror films some aspects of the film are over the top. But that didn't stop the film from doing what I assume it started out and planned to do. And that was to scare folks a little and to have them question every itch and scratch they get from now on.

The Ruins is a movie about a few friends in Mexico on their last vacation before going off into the real world after college. We meet a few familiar faces in "X-men" Shawn Ashmore, Jena Malone from "Into the Wild" and Jonathan Tucker from the short lived TV series, "The Black Donnellys".

With one day left on their vacation together, a group of young kids decide to leave the confines of the resort against the will of Jeff (played by tucker), the level headed soon to be Doctor.

The group meets Mathias, another quest at the resort who by happenstance is awaiting his brother's return from this ancient temple off of the beaten path. Conversation is struck up and the group all decides that they want to go see the temple the next morning.

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