This episode was simultaneously clarifying and massively confusing. I feel like the threads holding this series together are bare and pretty much invisible, so managing to see one only makes me realize how many more there are. (That was so poetical, I might even cry.) Seriously though, here's the rundown:

Item 1:

I'm done with vendetta-against-Olivia-Dunham-guy. Please take him away. He just takes screen time away from Broyles and Walter. Do something with this character besides making him a token obstacle or kill him off.

Item 2:

At least now we know why Olivia Dunham is so damn special: chemicals! I can't say anything about Lost (because I haven't seen it...) but I can't help be reminded of J.J. Abrams' other series Alias. Remember Sidney Bristow? She was special because of special tests and things too. Whatever this turn of events may say about J.J. Abrams' originality, it at least gives the character of Olivia Dunham some small amount of interest. (The fact that Anna Torv used more than one facial expression in this episode helped...now if only she could learn to use her eyebrows and forehead. We should set Cal Lightman on her ass.)

Item 3:

Walter wrote the ZFT??? ZFT??? There's a secret organization revolved around this ZFT??? Whaaaaaaaaaat??? I didn't even remember who Mitchell Loeb was until all that reminder-exposition last week, nevermind that he was somewhat important. Am I the only one who feels like they've missed an episode? There's something to be said for the "viewer's won't know till the characters do" style, but I have to say, it's INCREDIBLY frustrating.

Item 4:

MASSIVE DYNAMIC. WHAT THE (#*$&(@#*&$(#%^$&(?!!!!!!!!!!!!

(That is all I have to say.)

Item 5:

I will never look at two-dollar bills the same way. The scar-tissue accelerated-regeneration? Awesome. And by "awesome" I mean "disgusting." However frustrated I get with the plot of this series, I will continue watching it just for those delightful, gruesome moments. Matrix-style suffocation, gigantic cold viruses crawling up esophagi, and human jaws gelatinizing and dripping off (that particular moment in the pilot is what got me hooked...I'm not sure what that says about me).

Bonus Item (#6):



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Jun 1, 2016 4:59PM EDT

Seriously Till A P R I L ?????Seriously !!!!!!!

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