August 27, 2012 - Review

Luke helps Anna get out of her room at the Swiss hospital, and she learns the identity of the patient that she believed was Robin. Turns out, it's not her. Anna and Luke leave. After, the doctor on staff tells someone that it was a close call that Anna didn't really find Robin - and we see the man she's speaking to is Anna's presumed dead ex, Duke Lavery! Jerry, on TV, disabuses the rumors of his death. He reveals his deadly plot for Port Charles: Everyone in town, with the exception of Josslyn and Alexis (who he made immune), have been exposed to a toxin he put in the water. Jason (suspecting Ewen is somehow tied to Jerry) tells Patrick to go to Elizabeth’s and keep her away from Ewen. Ewen is as shocked as Elizabeth is by Jerry’s broadcasting. Ewen makes a slip and Elizabeth questions him. Patrick enters in time to see Ewen grab Elizabeth. READ MORE...


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