'Survivor: Caramoan': Is there such thing as an un-fun blindside?

Time to narrow down the "Survivor: Caramoan" castaways to the the Final Five, in preparation for the three-hour finale extravaganza on Sunday, May 12. Who do you think will make it? Let's find out!MadelineEddie knows he's a sitting duck and when Cochran asks him who's next if Eddie wins Immunity, Eddie says it'll be Cochran -- he's a huge threat. Interesting that Eddie would point that out to him. Seems like you'd want to make Cochran feel safe. Meanwhile, Brenda, Erik and Dawn all talk about taking Cochran down too. Ruh roh, Cochran. Even though we are hardly in favor of bringing back oldies all the time, like the show does just about every season now, we are really rooting for Cochran. And now we get Erik's bonkers pity-party. He's obsessed with food, he says it's like prison, he's so miserable. Oh, please. Suck it up, wuss. You're getting to live the dream and...



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