'Community' should be canceled: 5 reasons it's time to say goodbye

Ladies and gentlemen, please ready your torches and pitchforks. Because you're not going to like this article one bit. NBC should cancel "Community" after Season 4. "Wait, what?" you ask, being the staunchly devoted "Community" fan that would actually read this article. "Why is she saying this? And to think I thought this idiot writer was a fan!"That's okay. You have every right to be confused and disappointed in me. But this doesn't mean you should ignore what I'm about to say here. After all, it's part of my job to think about "Community," and I do so regularly. I didn't come to this cancellation decision lightly.Here are my five reasons to say goodbye now:1. "Community" isn't giving us a good product.Even if you have enjoyed the episodes that make up "Community" Season 4, you probably don't think the show is as good as it once was. Sure, there were some good ones --...



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