'The Vampire Diaries': Julie Plec talks sire bond -- did it tear Damon and Elena apart or push them together?

The sire bond, a supernatural connection between Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) was one of the more controversial storylines this season on "The Vampire Diaries." Because she'd been turned with his blood and had strong feelings for him, those feelings became magnified into a sort of compulsion to obey him and trust him implicitly. The question was, after they finally slept together after years of tension, whether that sire bond was the source of her love for him, or simply a catalyst that pushed them together.In the next two episodes, we'll get answers. "Definitely before the season's over, we have our answer to the question of does the sire bond still exist, and if not, then what are her feelings and who are they for," executive producer Julie Plec reveals.Looking back on the season, the sire bond has been one of the more talked-about aspects of the story. I wrote an article about...



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