Accel World Episode #07 Anime Review

With Kuroyuki still in the hospital and Haru having managed to gain some allies here and there, his latest move introduced him to someone pretty cunning and powerful in the previous episode with Aqua Current. His intention of hiring her own as a bodyguard of sorts is pretty good thinking when you get down to it and she’s ideally suited to him because his rating is so low at this point and there are so many potential challengers that she’s lining up the right opponents for him. The trick to it is to get him to gain powers, points and ability quickly by going to higher levels that he’s not ready for while she takes point on it and protects him. It’s standard MMORPG planning to be sure that’s been around for years and years. So seeing it applied here is rather welcome since it shows the right path for Haru to take to quickly grow and be able to survive. READ MORE...


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