Accel World Episode #09 Anime Review

After an episode that was focused on a particular character inserting herself into Haru’s life for awhile and causing a lot of trouble, Accel World finds itself in a position for me of needing to cement up its core storyline a bit. With some general leveling up going on recently and getting Haru into a better position to deal with what’s to come, it’s felt like it’s largely just treading water rather than doing anything. The characters grew on me a fair bit during the first six episodes but a lot of that has suffered in this phase where it’s mostly been about Haru fighting and exploring the Accel World’s combat areas. The sense of wonder just isn’t there and the characters have been weak. With Kuroyuki now back in the scene a bit more since she’s back at school, it has a chance to change course a little bit. READ MORE...


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