Criminal Minds Review: Suffer the Nannies

After a bit of a hiatus, we are back to the unsettling torture stories which appear so often in this series.

In "Nanny Dearest", the team investigated a series of yearly abductions and murders where the only common element was that the victims were all nannies, and that they were left to be found on the same date each year:  May 13.  Also, in each case (except for the last), the children they were with were left at churches or hospitals, unharmed. 

One of the earlier victims - Tara Rios - managed to escape from the Unsub and, because of the trauma she suffered, managed to blank out the details of her abduction.  Though the BAU interviewed her a number of times over the years, she was unable to recall any details:  her PTSD protected her memory from the horrific recall of being burned with cigarettes.  It was therefore understandable when she at first refused to assist JJ and Morgan in recalling details of her capture.  It wasn't until she saw the pleas from the parents of the latest kidnapped baby that she decided to do what she could to help.  Eventually she was able to recall certain details about another woman had been captured with her, and that the Unsub had a huge dog.  The BAU was able to figure out that there was one park in particular where the Unsub walked his dog and, after locating a couple who recalled the Unsub's first name and the name of his dog, they were finally able to track down his home address through veterinary records.  During his ritualistic cigarette torture of his latest victim, the team was able to interrupt him, and eventually JJ shot him dead.



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