American Idol Recap: We’re Almost There

Okay, you guys. We are so close to the finish line I can taste it, and it tastes like rainbows. Even Ryan Seacrest expresses something close to relief when he says, “We’re almost there.” Which of course raises the question: Where are we almost? Does it matter who wins this thing? Wouldn’t Phillip Phillips’s “Home” have been a huge hit even if he hadn’t won? Haven’t each of these final three already gotten whatever boost this show can give them, and aren’t we kind of spinning our wheels at this point? Is there a cash prize anymore, or do you just get a record deal, and what is a record deal even worth in a time when everyone can record and promote a song on their own? When Ryan Seacrest himself seems to want this thing to be over, has Idol not wrung us bone-dry?



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