Chuck versus The Third Dimension!!!

There are MANY good things about this episode...and I didn't even watch it in 3-D.


His performance as a stereotypical, untalented, party animal Australian rock star? GENIUS. Props to the costume/makeup department. (Hallo Cleveland!)

As always, the Buy More crew delivered insane comedy hijinks both painful and hysterical. Number one on my Things That Should Never Have Happened list? Urinal cake. Ewwwwwww. And all of it to the tune of Eye of the Tiger!

Which leads me to, this episode's soundtrack! Maybe I just don't pay enough attention most of the time, but I do know the music selection for this episode was ROCKIN'.

Fourth, Casey beat up the annoying hot chicks! AND the repeat tranquilization, always good times.

On a more serious note, overall storyline seems to be taking a good turn: Chuck is FINALLY being proactive and...well, not good at things, but at least he's not being a complete sissy and not goo-goo-eyed at Sarah all the time...y'know, because she killed someone.

Escape by crowd surfing? Good times.

Finally, this episode was directed by Robert Duncan McNeill. Who, probably, no one but me cares about. But I was excited.

This midseason premiere wasn't necessarily out-of-the-ordinary brilliant, but so many things about it were superb and it just reminds us all how very good this show is (AND, NBC, WHY IT SHOULDN'T BE CANCELLED).

Peace out, Chuck fans.

PS - DOMINIC MONAGHAN WAS SO GOOD. Just thought I should reiterate.


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