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So I would like to start this Top 10 list off with something I call the 5.. oh who am I kidding. Here are five films that, had I seen them, might have been in my Top 10 List for 2009.

1. Up in the Air Had the chance to interview Reitman and due to family reasons was unable to do it. Also had a chance to see the film weeks in advance and couldn't make it.

2. Fantastic Mr. Fox this is a movie that I am sad I missed. Something special about this world that they have built, and something special about this all-star cast of actors. A truly special (-looking) film.

3. The Hurt Locker I don't know how many folks have said, "Watch this movie it's amazing!" Well, so far, I haven't touched it. I have nothing against it, just matters of time and priority.

4. UP I know, I know, it was amazing. Well, it doesn't interest me in the least but it may have made it into my Top 10 List if I had given it a chance? I don't know!

5. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button looks great, won some awards but eh, not my thing. Long movie that is uh... well, that is why it didn't make it into my Top 10.

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Large newrachelimage
Dec 28, 2009 1:13PM EST

Pretty sure Benjamin Button counts as an '08 release (late December) which is why it made it into last year's award's season.

Default avatar cat
Dec 28, 2009 7:37PM EST

My top 10
10 Zombieland - I'm not sure a movie can be a sucess at the box office and still be a cult classic, but this movie may be the first. Woody Harrelson as a gun whelding zombie killer who just wants a twinkie, teams up with the "Michael Cera-esque" Jesse Eisenberg to protect Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin from zombies at and amusment park, and oh yeah, Bill Murray pops up out of no where. Will never work right? Yet somehow it did.
9. I Love You Man - Jason Segel and Paul Rudd, have been in a number of movies together but have never really had much interaction on-screen. Finally we get a full-fledged starring role for together as two unlikely friends. I don't like using the "it" words or phrases, but this movie really does bring the "Bromance" to a all new and hilarious level.
8. District 9 - The realist alien movie I have ever since. Dipicited the most likely situation that would arise if aliens came to our planet, not friend or enemy, but more like refugees who just want to get back home. And the last 40 minutes of this movie is well worth sitting through the slowish beginning.
7. Ingorious Bastards - There did not even need to be a movie trailer for this one, all they needed to do to sell me on this movie was show a billboard with the words "Tarantino's take on Nazi Germany." SOLD.
6. UP - Showed every animated movie to follow what can be in terms of depth of story and difficult emotional plot points. Truley one of the best animated movies ever.
5. Avatar - I no, how can I possibly do this, but the plot to Avatar was not very original, visually it was great, but the story just didn't justify putting it any higher. 300 million dollar budget meant this should have been the greatest movie ever made, and it just wasn't
4. 500 Days of Summer - Little films like this one reminds me why I love movies. Easily could have fallen into overdone cliches of every other rom/comedy every made, but where those failed this one suceeded; even throwing in a song and dance number than never felt forced or out of place. Great movie.
3. Serlock Holems - Robert Downey Jr. has always been one of my favorite actors, and putting him together with Guy Richie to make a new version of the classic character was just perfect. Sure to spawn sequel after sequel and as long as the Downey/Richie team continues to make them, I'll continue to stand in line.
2. Star Trek - JJ Abram can do no wrong in my book(or atleast he hasn't yet). Restarting a franchise with the sort of crazed following as Star Trek is no easy task, then having the audacity to tell William Shatner NO, made this movie feel like it was starting on shakey ground. But sure enough he delivered. The unconential casting was something I worried about going in, but the roles were cast perfectly. Karl Urban as Bones was pitch perfect in his portrayal, Chris Pine actually looked like a young William Shatner, and Zachary Quinto as Spook roled out a cast full of great performances.
1. The Hangover- The movie that all other Las Vegas movies will be compared to. Zach Galafinakis was hilarious, as was the movie itself from start to finish.

Default avatar cat
Dec 28, 2009 7:43PM EST

Now here is another list that should go hand in hand with this one, the top 10 most disappointing movies of 2009
10. Avatar - It gets the distinction of being on both lists, it slips into this one because while it is visually stunning, the story is not very original, "Americans pushing people out of their land because they want its resources" could have been better, and for 300 million it wasnt the best movie ever made, and it should have been. So it gets the #10 slot on this list as well as the #5 on the other.
9. Ninja Assassin - From the guys that revolutionized special effects with The Matrix, you think a ninja movie from them would be a tremendous idea; guess again.
8. The Soloist - It pains me to put a movie on the list that was this ambitious and tried to give you something real, but what was touted as a sure fire Oscar contender did not deliver. While their performances were ok, they were not great and when you put Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx together you expect genius, and thats just not what we got here.
7. Watchman - Wanted for so long, the graphic novel worshiped by so many, and then what they gave us was a long, boring, sometimes incoherent, albeit visually stimulating dud.
6. Saw VI - Enough already, thats all I have to say about this one.
5. Final Destination 18 or 20 or whatever they are up to now - Insert the reason from Saw VI, they are not even good enough to deserve separate reasons why.
4.Year One - The trailer made this seem like it would be a contender on the "best of 09" list but alas we didn't get the movie they showed us in the trailer. Funny comedian after funny comedian comes on screen and gives you nothing. I don't even know that you can blame them, it just seems like the script itself should have been better. When there isn't much to work with to begin with chances are you are going to end up making the unfunny, convoluted, snoozer that this one turned out to be.
3. Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen - When Megan Fox is the one who comes out and says there needed to be more acting in this movie, you should know just how thin the plot was. I could have written this entire screen play in about 10 minutes. "Robots destroy stuff, Megan Fox and Shia Labeouf run around, Michael Bay blow stuff up." Alright thats its, $200 million at the box office please.
2. G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra - The 10 year old boy in me was outrageously excited for a screen adaptation of my childhood action figures. But what I got was zero plot, with a miscast group of "actors" which where less believable as soldiers than the plastic toys they portrayed. The "supersuit" debacle, Tatum Channing's unemotional performance, and a ridiculous premise followed by even less believable action sequences made this one of the worst popcorn movies in recent memory.
1. Observe and Report - Seth Rogan as a mall security guard infatuated with Anna Farris's character, sounds like a sure fire laugh out loud comedy slam dunk. However, between it coming out at virtually the same time as Paul Blart Mall Cop and the simple fact that it just wasn't funny at all makes this movie one that should contend for the worst of the decade.

Default avatar cat
Jan 25, 2010 8:27AM EST

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