'The Vampire Diaries': Who's sticking around? Is [SPOILER] really dead?

"The Vampire Diaries" has developed a reputation for heartbreaking penultimate episodes, and this season's "The Walking Dead" was no exception to the rule. As we've been building to all season, Bonnie (Kat Graham) dropped the veil between the living world, and the mysterious world of dead supernatural creatures. Fortunately, it was only dropped within a small triangle in Mystic Falls, so there was no global hysteria... but there was certainly trouble.As Julie Plec told us earlier, Bonnie thought she'd beaten Silas. She thought he had no more psychic power over her, because she could see his "true" face. But she was wrong again. Silas's mental hold on Bonnie was stronger than ever, and he came close to defeating her, but ultimately, she returned him to his true form -- and then she turned that true stone back into a shriveled fossil, his face hidden behind his hands. Of course, if he gets one drop of...



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