'Community' Season 4 finale: The Darkest Timeline returns with paintball and some Annie-Jeff action

In many ways, "Community" Season 4 has been a multi-episode ode to the show's past. So it's fitting that the show's final confirmed episode would be a sequel to Season 3's "Remedial Chaos Theory." Yes, the Darkest Timeline is back. And it's not happy with reality.At least there is a reality. Throughout most of this finale, "Advanced Intro to Finality," I was more than a little concerned that "Community" had finally and suddenly given up on the idea of keeping this crazy show grounded in the real world. Thank goodness -- a "Community" un-moored by reality would rapidly fall apart.And, quite frankly, the Darkest Timeline was never meant to be more than fantasy. Four years, one graduateGreendale really must be a terrible community college. That's the only explanation for only one member of the study group managing to get any sort of degree in four years. But at least Jeff (Joel McHale) can finally...



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