'Scandal' - 'Any Questions?' Several, actually

Well, "Scandal," since you asked ...(You might find these queries spoilery. In which case, you know not to read past here, don't you?)Are we supposed to take David's pilfering of the Cytron card as a righteous act against the people who have made his life hell this past season, or a straight-up heel turn against the people who then tried to help him fix it? Some of both, maybe?When did David and Billy Chambers join forces? Was it before or after the dead woman showed up in David's bed? Given his reaction to finding the body -- when no one else was around -- it has to be after, right?Or did they join forces at all? Is David going to do a double-double cross when he gets what he wants from Billy?Where has Billy been since the end of Season 1? We all assumed bad things were on the horizon when Charlie stepped into the...



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