'The Office' - 'A.A.R.M.': Open your eyes

Near the end of Thursday's (May 9) next-to-last episode of "The Office," Oscar acknowledges that "nothing will ever be the same" after the documentary airs.He's right -- their lives will probably change some after they become subjects of a TV series instead of just office workers. And for one of the show's long-running couples, that's especially true. After Angela's tear-filled confession to Oscar last week, she finally lets Dwight know she's still in love with him, around the same time he realizes that the tiny, icy accountant is more right for him than Esther.Add in the fact that Phillip is actually Dwight's son* and a roadside proposal that involves a megaphone ("It expresses how loudly I love you," Dwight explains) and the final stage of the weird, twisted Dwight-Angela relationship turns out very sweetly.(*As for the show already having covered Dwight's paternity, Angela Kinsey explained it this way when we spoke on Thursday: Dwight grabbed...



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