Person of Interest Season 1 Review “God Mode”

I keep rewriting the first sentence of this review because I am not sure where to start in discussing last night’s season finale of Person of Interest. We got a lot of information on The Machine’s history and Finch’s relationships with Nathan and Grace, but only a glimpse at what we may be in store for next season. Starting from the end of last week, The Machine enters god mode, which gives Root and Reese 24 hours of unfettered access to its data. Root intends to use this power to locate The Machine and "set it free" – whatever that means. Reese’s only goal is to track down Finch and protect him from Root. With help from Shaw, Reese juggles new "non-relevant" data thrown at him by The Machine, in addition to hunting for Finch. As Reese explains to Shaw, "We’re the good guys, which means we have to do both." I hope the Shaw haters are coming around. She doesn’t dominate the scenes or detract from the narrative, but does give Reese a chance to have conversations with someone other than Finch. She also does a good job of feeling like an equal to Reese. Sarah Shahi plays the character with a quiet confidence that works really well. READ MORE...


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