With only one week left until series the finale "A.A.R.M." has given us the last standard episode of the U.S. The Office - and it's a good one. "Goofy Jim" made a return appearance for one more prank on Dwight. Convincing Dwight that he is the only man equipped to be his own assistant's assistant was hilarious to watch, but what was more impressive was how the episode honored who Dwight and Jim had been to one another as well as the altered nature of their relationship. There was an affection to the way that Jim was toying with Dwight, where in the past, though his pranks were always funny, they occasionally verged on mean. Jim legitimately could not stand Dwight for the first several years, but the show has really earned the evolution of that dynamic, as each of those men earned the others respect. Jim's playful commitment to "no-nonsense" is him up to his old tricks, but it's also him doing his job as the "Assistant to the Regional Manager." He is keeping Dwight occupied enough so that the new manager doesn't implement a fatal security measure in his free time, and bringing up morale by keeping the rest of the staff, and himself, amused. READ MORE...


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