Even though we've seen the gang move in and out of the apartment countless times over the years, How I Met Your Mother never ceases to make the moving process more entertaining than it actually is. ("The Duel," anyone?) With Lily and Marshall making the move to Italy for a year, we were reintroduced to the mythic "Bermuda Triangle," aka the front porch outside. Adding Ted to the sorting mayhem proved quite amusing, particularly his dramatic entrance with the gum. ("Oh my God, I just swallowed it. Is that bad?" 12 minutes later...) This story also featured a few fun references including Marshall's Bigfoot binders, Ted's karaoke machine and, naturally, the old, raggedy beanbag chair (complete with awkward CG beans). In truth, this storyline was perhaps the strongest in terms of comedy and "classic HIMYM moments," as it were. The whole "Italy or Triangle" bit was a fun diversion from some of the episode's more poignant scenes (but we'll get to that in a moment.) READ MORE...


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