More arranged marriages! Rickon had a line! Hodor awakens from a deep sleep by saying "Hodor!" And welcome back, Joffrey. Kid Malicious has returned! "The Climb" wasn't as strong an outing as the past two episodes, but it did give us a hell of an ending - a big sweeping emotional moment filled with soaring music, Littlefinger's epic "Chaos is a Ladder" speech and a shot of Sansa weeping right before we cut to Jon and Ygritte standing lovingly triumphant on top of the wall. Very cinematic. Grandiose words, about the world of suffering equaling that of a world of opportunity, were spoken over the image of Ros (RIP "sexposition" and "f***splanation") riddled with crossbow bolts; Joffrey resuming his monstrous ways out of Lady Margaery's sight. Then Sansa weeping for her miserable life and her lost opportunity right before we meet up with the "proper lovers," who have now united to protect one another from their own respective "sides." A roller coaster of emotion indeed. READ MORE...


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