11/02/09: The Big Bang Theory "The Cornhusker Vortex"

The Big Bang Theory is usually a tightly constructed show. The nerdy heroes have one or two geeky adventures, seen through the judgmental, yet well-meaning eyes of neighbor Penny, while one or more of the nerds has an existential crisis about love life, hobby, and/or lifestyle issues. The humor begins with derisive laughter at the nerds' expense, and is furthered with clever turns of phrase, scientific interpretation and analysis of everyday minutiae, and Sheldon's complete misunderstanding of interpersonal engagement.

As tightly constructed as the show usually is, tonight's episode was looser than a pair of ripped sweatpants. It didn't seem like an actual episode, but purged remnants from other shows. The episode begins with a typical geeky encounter between the nerds and Penny; this week the quartet was preparing for "kite fighting" in the park while Penny watched a University of Nebraska football game with several other fans.

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