Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Lost Skull Reviewed

Well I had the privilege of a special screening of this movie last week. What else is there to say.. Its Indiana Jones people! Read more of the review here

Indiana Jones is a house hold name to most folks and if its not something is seriously wrong with you!

Indiana Jones is back and he is the same old Indy we have come to love! The newest creation from Spielberg and Lucas has brought us an updated but true look at Henry Jone’s latest adventure in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The storyline is a little off for my liking and a bit over the top, but and I do mean but, the film is a must see film. The overall feel brings us back to the last movies in the series and gives us the witty laughs we have come to expect from the wise-ass characters in the Indy films. I almost had to say something to the guy behind me he was so loud, and this was at a private screening!

On to the movie! Have I said it was great film? ITS A GREAT FILM!!!

Read more of the review here


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