Smash Season 2 Review “The Transfer”

This is the first episode to air after the official cancellation of Smash on NBC and I’m not sure ‘The Transfer’ did the job of making fans regret that decision. Throughout this second season, the show has tried hard to change its fate through major changes to structure, casting and character direction, but nothing has worked and it feels like time for Smash to now bow out gracefully. ‘The Transfer’ encapsulates the major problems the series has had, with the relatively compelling Broadway action jarring with the soap opera-style plot lines that now feel utterly tired. Karen and Ivy are fighting? Karen is judging Derek for some new crime against women? Same old, same old. To have this penultimate evening of Smash end on such a depressingly familiar note is a sign that NBC were too kind, not too cruel to this once critically adored drama. READ MORE...


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