The Client List Season 2 Review “What Part of No?”

Hell hath no fury like a Riley scorned! On the latest episode of "The Client List", aptly-entitled "What Part of No?", we discovered Riley’s tipping point, and it essentially came down to: you mess with my friends, you mess with me. Someone did just that, and paid the price by getting a ticket straight to jail, do not pass go. But was the underlying intention to put the fear of God into Riley in hopes of making her do something stupid? Given the ending, I would say mission accomplished. Though whoever sent the guy to rifle through Riley’s house was almost certainly looking for the client list, Kyle laid the blame at his own feet for his own troubles with the law, going out half-cocked his own damn self, which is likely to have repercussions on down the line as well, given his threats to Vandermeyer, who already is gunning for him as it is. READ MORE...


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