Survivor: Caramoan Review “Last Push”

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen! Survivor: Caramoan concludes its 26th season tonight with the finale episode "Last Push", and what a great season it’s been! Full of great blindsides, incredible tribals, and more than one mental breakdowns, I almost don’t want this incredible season to end! It’s really a testament to the strength of Survivor as a series that 13 years in it’s just as engrossing and exciting as ever, and there’s still a dozen people surrounding me in my living room to enjoy tonight’s finale! Well it definitely didn’t take too long for the drama to get started, as Erik quickly gets a heartbreaking early exit due to starvation and dehydration symptoms. It definitely goes to show how tough this game is. Anybody claiming that the contestants are fed or watered behind the scenes should be eating their words, as Erik’s plummeting heart rate can attest; this game is no joke. You’ve got to feel bad for Erik, as he was so close to making it to the end last time. I really hope they bring him back for a third try, as he’s really had some rough luck in the game thus far. READ MORE...


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