'Survivor: Caramoan' finale: Who won it all?

Here we are, gang. The finale of "Survivor: Caramoan" -- who do you think will win it all? We'll say right now that if Cochran makes the Final 3, we think he's got it in the bag. MadelineAfter the last Tribal, Erik starts not feeling well. He says his head is killing him and everything's spinning -- do you suppose it's lack of food? Probably shouldn't have gone climbing that coconut tree yesterday. The EMTs take his blood pressure and it's low (though not super low), but the doctors tell him he's not going back to camp. That's a bummer. Everybody gives Erik platitudes and praise like he's dying of an Immunity Challenge-sustained injury or something. Not that we aren't sympathetic to how hard "Survivor" is -- but this is like the lamest medical evac ever. After Erik leaves, Cochran and Eddie dish about who should be in the Final 3. Eddie makes a deal...



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