'The Vampire Diaries' finale: Will Klaus and Caroline finally get their moment, or is Hayley standing in the way?

When "The Vampire Diaries" launched its spin-off series, "The Originals," with a backdoor pilot, fans were floored to learn that the new show hinged upon Klaus's discovery that he and Hayley, his werewolf one-night-stand, were expecting a child. Though we'd previously thought vampires couldn't conceive, as the Original hybrid, Klaus is an exception to a lot of rules -- so it shouldn't surprise us that he stumbled upon "nature's loophole" when he slept with Hayley.The reaction to the baby news was certainly mixed. The backdoor pilot fared well enough to merit a green light for the series from The CW, but many "Vampire Diaries" fans found the parenthood story troubling. In particular, fans rooting for Klaus and Caroline to get together were pretty vocal about their dissatisfaction, worried that Klaus having a child with another woman was the death knell for "Klaroline." But in actuality, the baby isn't as relevant to the Klaus/Caroline romance as...



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