'Survivor: Caramoan' winner John Cochran: 'My playing days are over'

John Cochran, the nerdy underdog the first time around on "Survivor," played a masterful game when he returned to the show in Caramoan and won the coveted title of Sole Survivor by a unanimous jury vote. He tells Zap2it that it's awesome to win -- and we won't see him back on the show.So, you're the Sole Survivor -- how does it feel?"I mean, it feels so great because I'm a ridiculously huge fan of the show. It's 13 years of history building up to this .... the lineage of the show, with Richard Hatch and Parvati and Todd and Boston Rob. It's humbling."Did you have any idea at the start of this "Survivor" season that you could make it all the way to the end, let alone win?"I came back this season intending to go to the end. I didn't want to play again just to be on TV again. I always kind of...



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