2 Broke Girls Season 2 Review “And the Window of Opportunity”

On the season finale of "2 Broke Girls", as one door closed, another door was opened- or should I say window? In "And the Window of Opportunity", I must say the show found a way to have its cupcake and eat it, too, as it were. When the show spent a good portion of the season with the girls dividing their time between the diner and their cupcake shop, it was a somewhat dubious proposition, and was a pretty hit-or-miss endeavor, all things considered. I’ve got to hand it to the writers, though; they found a genius way to make it work in their favor. By allowing the girls a way to keep their dreams alive and keep the diner setting to boot, they effectively killed off the issues with the previous location. As much as I got a kick out of the whole Candy Andy thing, the change-of-location just never quite jelled as much as it should have. It might have taken some creative thinking to pull it off, but damned if they didn’t do it. Nicely done. READ MORE...


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