Defiance Season 1 Review “The Serpent’s Egg”

This week’s episode of "Defiance", ominously-titled "The Serpent’s Egg", began shortly after the events of the last one, with the recently imprisoned Rynn being transported to another correction facility, this one a bit larger than the relatively modest one in Defiance. Not one to stand on ceremony, Nolan opted to accompany her, and it’s a good thing he did, as things went south pretty quickly- and not just because of Rynn, as expected. Also along for the ride was Amanda, off to deliver some cash to the Earth Republic, as more of a pay-off than an agreement, as Defiance is none too keen on getting into bed with the ER. Accompanying her is the ER Ambassador, Olfin Tennety (Jane McLean), an attractive woman with not one but- count ‘em! – two husbands! You go on with your bad self, "Big Love". READ MORE...


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