Storage Wars Season 4 Review “Old Tricks, New Treats” & “The Shrining”

Storage Wars returned tonight with another double whammy of season four episodes, and we start out in the infamous Southern California town of Inglewood in "Old Tricks, New Treats". We have most of the regular buyers returning, plus Ivy, but we had no Darrell and Brandon in this episode! Nope, instead we’ve got the other Tank Top Twins, Herb and Mike. These guys have been on the show before, and I suppose the nicest thing to say about them is that they’re infinitely more watchable than the infuriating Harris twins. At least Herb has the good sense to be humiliated by Mike’s terrible jokes, but it’s clear that their bickering and comebacks are being given to them by the producers. Anyway, Herb and Mike won the first locker for $350 and ended up making a pretty tidy profit. READ MORE...


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